Here Is What Our Clients Are Saying...

"Keith has helped me with many hardware and software issues and has been invaluable in recommending hardware system configurations, useful, and often free, software, and utilities. My system stays free of malware and viruses, for which I credit Keith." -L. Cassidy -Professor -Costa Mesa California

"RegardPro makes support simple, the best I've found; highly knowledgeable technically, very patient and willing to explain and discuss options." -M. Applegate -Attorney -Santa Barbara California

"Prior to meeting Keith I was terrified of computers. I never feel embarrassed asking him to explain even rudimentary concepts and never feel rushed when working with him. He is able to ascertain my needs and solve my problems while giving me new skills and a level of comfort that I never expected." -L. Slade -Attorney -Ojai California

"Mr Frick is attentive to the urgency of PC systems in need of repair and has made himself available during non business hours to effect repairs or upgrades to systems. He is unfailingly punctual, patient, persistent, and exacting in his work. Mr Frick is a conscientious listener, offers to-the-point solutions, and is unqualifiedly trustworthy and honest. He has had a key to my offices for years." -M. Filip -Broker -Santa Barbara, California